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The Antoine-Labelle RCM, often identified as a resource region, is established in the largest mixed forest in Canada. Originally created for this main mission, the Mont-Laurier region has relied on the proximity of the resource as a lever for development. Companies working throughout the wood processing value chain ensure its sustainability, dynamism, and diversity, which protect the region from commercial vagaries and lead its development towards value-added products. 

The Mont-Laurier road service allows the provision and distribution in the three nearby markets of the Laurentians, the Outaouais and the Abitibi-Témiscamingue, as well as direct access to the Ontario and Canadian markets via the Trans-Canada Highway, which crosses the region.

The wood processing industry also includes cabinetmaking workshops and construction companies. In support of the wood processing industry, a number of subcontractors provide technical maintenance, distribution, and forest management services. The expertise of the territory offers leading support for any project whose supply would come from the local resources or whose product development would enhance the value chain of this anchor industry in the Upper Laurentians region.

Furthermore, the Government of Quebec, under the ACCORD Signature Bois program, has recognized the Laurentians region for its excellence in the development of silviculture, of the first, second and third transformation of wood.

Sectors of interest

As part of its development, the Mont-Laurier region is looking for innovative entrepreneurs who wish to contribute to the development of the source material in the spirit of sustainability. The Mont-Laurier region is looking for manufacturers of eco-materials, value-added products, and projects that enhance the forest products (NTFPs). The proximity of the forest resource and the business ecosystem of this sector allows access to the innovation process such as product test benches, technology transfer, distribution and establishment of processing factories.

Some industrial and processing companies in the region: 

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